Financial Literacy

Justin and Lauran Tuck’s philanthropy is grounded in research, inspired by personal experience, and guided by the vision of increasing college access. In 2008, when they founded Tuck’s R.U.S.H. for Literacy, they addressed what they felt was a critical component of academic and life success: literacy. By encouraging middle school literacy, they hoped to get more low-income youth to college. After several years of tackling literacy–distributing over 55,000 books to nearly 10,000 students–the Tucks felt like they had only addressed one important piece of the college access pie. While they were helping prepare students academically for success in high school, college, and beyond, they realized these students faced huge financial obstacles in getting to college.

This is why they began to focus on financial literacy, launching a partnership in fall 2013 with The Children’s Aid Society, The 1:1 Fund, and Citi Foundation. This joint effort, called “CAS College Savers,” provides low-income New York city students with college savings accounts and financial literacy education. The Tucks chose this approach because of the extensive research supporting the positive relationship between college savings and college access: children with a college savings account in their own name are seven times more likely to go to college than children without an account.

Inspired by the clear connection between college education and future success, and armed with this powerful research, Justin and Lauran Tuck are eager to support another crucial piece of the college access fight.